Pet Cremations


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How to access our services

Vet clinic collection

We have long established relationships with vet clinics in the Wellington, Wairarapa, Kapiti, Horowhenua and Manawatu regions. Click here and you will be taken to a directory which shows all the contact details for the clinics we attend.  They know well our people, our process and our service offering.  The pet care professionals who have assisted you through your pets life will willingly walk you through this next part of the journey.

Do not worry if your vet clinic is not represented in our directory.  You can work with us directly.  If your clinic is within our coverage area shown on the map, then collection from your vet clinic is free of charge. 

At Home collection

Our beloved pets dont always pass away at a vet clinic.  In fact often pets pass in their home environment and it can be unexpected.  This is a very precious time, and not one to be hurried.  We can arrange to collect your pet from home - Compassionate care at your doorstep

Delivery to Us

Sometimes you just need to know who you are dealing with. Who you are entrusting your precious pet to. Delivery to our facility is by appointment only. We can sit with you, show you all the options and design your memorial with you. We can answer all of your questions in clear and truthful terms until you feel you can leave in confidence, and have appropriately said goodbye. Whatever you need, do not be afraid to ask.



This website and the service we offer is not affiliated to any particular religious belief.  We simply aim to provide the resource and expertise, the compassion and commitment, to allow you to make the experience all that you wish it to be. To this end we welcome any enquiry.


Compassion brings us a certain inner strength.

Once it is developed, it naturally opens an inner door,

through which we can communicate with other fellow human beings,

and other sentient beings, with ease and heart to heart. ~ The Dalai Lama